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Seasons in Moscow: beginning of spring

Beginning of spring in Moscow

Above photograph was taken on the 5th of March in Moscow after a two-day snowfall. Today is March 7th and it’s -10 outside, snowing again, looks and feels like winter. Weather forecast shows negative temperatures for the most part of March and somewhere around 12th of March, right after Women’s day holidays, it starts to warm up a little.

March in Moscow for the most part is a winter month. It’s a normal course of spring here, to start with lots of snow and winter cold. It’s not unusual to have a big snowfall end of March, say 31st of March.

Clothing for March in Moscow.

Weather in the second half of March can be humid and quite unstable, with frequent wet snow or mixed rain and snow or just rain. Outside temperatures rise slowly, fluctuating between slightly negative to slightly positive. It will be mostly cloudy in March, with some occasional bursts of sunny weather. Huge piles of snow accumulated throughout the winter will be melting slowly. This means lots of sludge on streets. You need to have waterproof footwear preferably on a thick sole. Warm raincoat with umbrella or hooded waterproof jacket would be a good clothing option.

Snow will melt completely by the middle of April, although in some parks snow can stay up until May.

Enjoy last days of winter and start preparing for the upcoming spring in April!

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