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Moscow honey fair

Moscow daily living

Life in Moscow is rich with different events. I bet, if you are a foreigner living in Moscow, you miss many events worth attending. May I suggest one of those events – Moscow honey fair. Honey fair is the best place in Moscow to buy real organic honey. Moscow government runs honey fair every year in the beginning of fall.  The fair is a large tent in Kolomenskoe park with dozens of stands inside. Beekeepers occupying the stands offer hundreds of varieties of organic honey and bee products. In Russia making honey is a craft, typically a family business. 

Why not buy honey from food stores? Well, what you buy in stores is a processed honey. And processed honey from nutritional standpoint is not much better than plain sugar. Thus if you do care what you eat, want to have full benefits and all the nutritional value of natural honey, you buy it from those who make it. Not from bees, I mean from beekeepers. 

On Moscow honey fair you can try and buy fresh (produced this summer) honey and honey products from all regions of Russia, from Far East to South.  Sellers explain where each honey is coming from, which blossoms bees used to make that honey and what benefits specific type of honey has for health. The choice is staggering. I bought some honey from regular bee hives and some wild honey. The beekeeper who sold it showed pictures of beehives handing high on trees. Wild bees would occupy those hives and produce honey. I think this is the type of honey bears are after. 

For those who are not keen about taking pills, but rather prefer to use natural remedies, there are numerous bee products available. As an example, I bought substance called “perga”. Perga is a byproduct of honey production. Bees make it out of pollen. They mix pollen with bee enzymes and ferment it in locked cells. In bee families perga is a food for infant bees. Perga is a natural probiotic, antioxidant and has numerous benefits for health. 

Not only honey, at the fair you can buy wild grown berries, herbs, mushrooms and other natural products. Dried wild mushrooms for example are of excellent quality, as well as pine nuts. I also tried some медовуха [medovukha] - alcohol drink made out of honey. The taste is mild and you don’t feel much of alcohol in it, but this thing can knock you off your feet if you drink too much of it. Prices on honey and other products are moderate.

How to find Moscow honey fair

Moscow honey fair runs end of August thru October 16th. Location of the fair is Kolomenskoe park (subway station Kolomenskaya, green line, south), nearby the entrance. From the entrance follow signs saying “Ярмарка мёда”. Here is a Google maps link to the exact location.

Going to the fair and to the park can be a nice weekend activity, do not miss it. 

Useful vocabulary

Мёд (myod) - honey.

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